Dark Fae

My first post! How exciting!
I love creating new looks from the 3D virtual world known as Second Life and taking pictures! A friend encouraged me to start this blog to showcase some of the Looks I have created.
Today I am going to start off with my Dark Fae Look. I love Fantasy and creating art out of my photos.
Dress:ALESSIA mesh Dress by SEVEN

Wings:FAe wings#8 by EVolved creatures

Face Tattoo: Pru by Ghost’Ink

Body Tattoo:Spirit Leia tribal by TAOX

Hair: OUt of the Ruins Grayscale by Exile

Head:Genesis_Head_Lorena_2.0 RARE by Genesis Lab Milk skin tone Gatcha – 99L per try –
Maitreya skin appliers free in store

Body: MaitreyaMesh Body

Shape: Custom

Ears:  Basic Mesh ears by L’Etre
Face Piercings:PUNCH / Nameless


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