Queen of Darkness

When Other Little Girls
Wanted to be Ballerinas,
I kind of wanted to be a

Location: My studio

Body: *!* EVESlim-V8.4

Head: *!* EVE’olutionhead-#4b-Beta + Bento

Shape: BeGlam ~ Jennifer Shape EVE Bento

Skin: *!* ELLA skin EVE’olution B3

Eyes: .tsg. Summer Eyes – Deep Blue

Hair:=DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Bianca” Blacks and Whites

Outfit: RADEX Mesh Yeliz All Colours Gown Night Dress  Full Outfit (Outfit includes gown; 16 colors, shoes (not pictured); 16 colors, necklace and hair (not pictured); 30 colors)

Headpiece:+XAnSA+ Hell’s QueenDark Side 2 Fashion Fair

Prop: *_*C-Outlet*_* Watts Candelabra


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